Bring your conservatory to life with our solid roof extensions.

We offer two of the best solid roof extension products on the market. Both of our industry-leading solid roof extension products will transform your home. No longer do you need to buy a completely new conservatory or orangery as our solid roof extensions are designed to sit on top of both old and new window frames and doors. Both products can retrospectively be added to old conservatories and orangeries that are no longer keeping your house insulated; however it is also possible to have our products included in the design from the outset.

Why Solid Roof Extensions?

  • Regulates the temperature inside the structure all year round
  • Lightweight and the strongest products on the market
  • More affordable than other roofs
  • Entire systems can be installed within a matter of days

Our Products

Please click on the links below to find out more about the products we offer. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Images are available in our gallery for more inspiration.



For more information about our solid roof extensions, please take a look at our Brochures.


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