The Ultraroof – Style and Performance all Perfectly Balanced

Bring your conservatory to life with the industry-leading Ultraroof conservatory roof system. Combining enviable aesthetics with industry-leading levels of thermal performance, this truly unique roofing system will ensure your conservatory is a cosy room that can be used all year round. Quick to install, and extremely lightweight, the Ultraroof will be an investment for your home you can enjoy every day.

The Ultraroof is the lightest and strongest solid roof on the market, Ultraroof is designed to sit on old and new window frames and doors and unlike other solid roofs, never needs a tie bar. Whether you need to replace an existing and poorly performing conservatory roof or are starting from the beginning, the Ultraroof will reward you with an interior space that’s light, bright, warm and comfortable.

The Ultraroof can be installed without extensive delays. The entire system can be watertight in six hours. The entire process, from beginning to end, has been designed with convenience in mind. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy an installation that notably reduces stress, hassle and inconvenience to your daily routine.

Quick Installation

You won’t need to worry about disruption to your home when you choose the Ultraroof. The roofs are pre-manufactured at Ultraframe’s factory which means there’ll be minimal mess and noise while your installer fits your brand new replacement tiled roof into place.

The Ultraroof is extremely lightweight. Because it only weighs in at 38KG, it won’t place undue stress on the frames of your existing conservatory and it is quick and easy to manouevre on site. This means that your replacement tiled roof will be fully compatible with your existing structure and will comply with existing building regulations for your peace of mind. It also looks great on new conservatories and extensions too.

All Year Round Usage

Ultraroof’s lightweight tiled conservatory roofing system gives you the most advanced replacement roof available on the market today. It overcomes the twin issues of your old conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter and creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside – and, on the outside, a stunning lightweight tiled finish.

For those who want the benefits of a solid conservatory roof, but still want to retain an element of light within the room, the clever configurable technology incorporated into the Ultraroof allows the installation of multiple glass panels or Velux Windows – this gives you a truly bespoke design and can help project light into the adjacent room adding more value to your home than a traditional solid roof.

Extremely thermally efficient due to its advanced design, the Ultraroof is fully compliant with Building Regulations and has jhai system approval, giving you peace of mind from the outset of your replacement roof project. You’ll benefit from a warmer home that’s cost-efficient to run when you find a local installer to fit your Ultraroof.

Why Choose Ultraroof?

High Performing Glazing

The Ultraroof can be modified to include a wide range of glazing options, depending on individual preferences. To enable light to flood into your conservatory, you’ll be able to choose between full height glazing or Velux alternatives. This flexibility means that you’ll be able to bring light to your home, your way. More importantly a roof that projects light into the rest of the house will add more value than a totally solid roof over a dark room.

High performance glazing that will reduce glare – and control the amount of heat you allow in – can be used to enhance the experience of your new room. All glazing is toughened and self-cleaning, while the cavity is filled with Argon gas to maximise heat retention and keep your conservatory warm.

Fully-tailored Designs

You’ll be able to choose from a range of design options when you choose Ultraroof. An array of possibilities will be within your grasp that will empower you to customise your replacement tiled roof – resulting in a finished product that ties in with the schemes and layout of your home in every possible way.

The external fascia boards are available in different colour choices to match or contrast with your existing window frames: ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Rosewood’, and ‘Oak’. You can also choose your tile style, the colour of your fascia boards and the ridge and capping material, so your new roof blends in.

Compliant and Strong

All Ultraframe solid conservatory roofs are rigorously fire tested to ensure they provide protection if the unthinkable happens – the Ultraroof is no exception. Fully compliant with existing building regulations, it will protect you and your family. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality.

Ultraroof provides superb structural strength, yet is light in weight. This means it’s designed to last, yet won’t place undue pressure on your foundations or frames – this makes it easier to obtain planning permission if you’re replacing your roof. We want to make things as easy as possible for you. Unlike other solid roof systems, never needs a tie-bar no matter how big your room is, this is important to create a stunning vaulted roof.


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