Secondary Glazing and Fly screens

Sometimes it is not possible to have double glazing installed into your property and there can be several reasons for this, your building may be a listed building or you may like your existing windows but need to reduce the heat loss through them. Carefully designed secondary glazing can be almost invisible from outside of the building leaving a traditional look of the property intact.

Secondary glazing is installed inside the building without disturbing the existing windows and it reduces the amount of heat lost through the old windows by placing an insulated barrier between the house and the old window, this helps to reduce both the drafts and any heat loss to make the house much warmer and at the same time reducing your heating costs and your carbon footprint.

We manufacture our Aluminium secondary glazing in our factory in Salisbury and are able to offer a wide range of options to suit most properties, whether it be required for a domestic or commercial property if you have traditional casement windows, vertical sliding sashes or doors we can provide you with products that can be painted in a wide range of colours that can help.

We also are able to manufacture all of these products with a fly mesh and these can be installed inside either single glazed or double glazed windows, this will enable you open your windows in the summer without insects entering the room.

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