We offer a versatile range of elegant PVC-U doors offering options for all types of entrance. Front doors, French doors, patio doors, bi-folding doors, you name it, we can supply it. Our doors are made from high performance PVC-U that will look as good as new for years to come with only minimal maintenance.

A practical choice, as well as looking good your door needs to be practical and that is where PVC-U doors come into a league of their own. Excellent noise reduction, low maintenance, outstanding thermal properties and superior security features are all part of the package.

We want to give you complete peace of mind and we can assure you that safety, security and durability is our core focus. All our PVC-U doors feature the Yale 8 advanced multipoint locking system. Yale are the leading lock manufacturers who have been keeping the UK safe since 1843, so you really can rely on our doors to keep your home safe and sound. Our door locking system has been independently tested by the British Standards Institute and Secured by Design, the Police product testing authority, and it passed with flying colours.

Our contemporary designs and stylish elegance combined with knowing security and safety is our core focus, which gives you peace of mind when choosing your PVC-U door.

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With Yale smart doors and windows, SensCheck sensors allow you to check-in on the security of your home even when you are not there. Whether you have popped to the shop and can’t remember if you closed the kitchen window or want to check on your home whilst you are away relaxing on holiday, with SensCheck you can do just that.

Accessed via the easy to install app, ‘Yale Home’, peace of mind can be achieved through the touch of a button and be with you wherever you may go.

SensCheck allows you to:

  • Check to see if your doors at home are open, closed, locked or unlocked
  • Check the position of your windows, see if they are open, closed or in the vented window position
  • Part-arm or arm your home
  • Geo-fencing alerts help set reminders
  • Receive tamper alerts should anyone try their luck
  • Get chime notifications
  • Make the ultimate home security system by adding additional sync alarm accessories

The SensCheck system even works with your existing devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Philips Hue.

A Yale Sync Hub will allow you to connect your SensCheck windows and doors to your home network and works seamlessly alongside the ‘Yale Home’ app to access all of the security features.

The hub even has an integrated 94dB siren which can be set to trigger if there is an unexpected change in status of any of your sensors.


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