Salisbury Glass Centre strive to ensure their staff are taken away from the day to day tasks to not only help with mental health but also help integrate the teams.

During well being week Salisbury glass decided to do a cycling challenge which involved cycling as far as possible over a two day event. This was done using two spin bikes where we had one located on our domestic side of the business and another one on our commercial side.

It was a battle between the two sides of the business and competition was running high.

Everyone participated and strived for the end goal which was to cycle as far as possible.

Our commercial side won as per the figures below

Domestic – 268.81 Miles

Commercial – 276.05 Miles…….

Total Miles Covered – 544.86 Miles.



During the same well being week we also decided to do an easter egg hunt around our offices for our staff. Everyone got involved and all 100 easter eggs were found within 45 minutes!