Are you thinking of making a fresh start somewhere new this year? If 2018 is your year to find your dream home, then it’s time to prepare your current property to go on the market. Buying and selling property are among the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life – so it’s important to be prepared and do some research to make sure it’s the right time to make the move.

In terms of the current housing market in the UK, it’s still fairly unpredictable as Brexit looms over the nation. However, the instability is set to continue for a couple of years and nobody knows if house prices will rise or fall – so if you’re planning to sell up within a couple of years, you might as well start the process now. The slash in stamp duty will see more first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder, so there is a good buyer appetite at the moment.

Here are some top tips for selling your house for the best price in 2020.

Upgrade the décor

If your décor is looking a little lacklustre then it’s bad news for your viewings – because it’s the first thing buyers notice. Peeling paint or other forms of uninspiring presentation can make a huge difference. It’s also important to try and decorate rooms in a neutral colour palette, which can make a property airy and serves as a blank canvas for buyers. A fresh lick of paint or a new rug doesn’t cost much – but it could help you achieve your asking price.

Get an energy efficiency rating

All homes going up for sale require an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This will grade your home from A-G and is valid for 10 years. Energy efficiency information is available to potential buyers so they understand the energy costs of the property, and how to improve its efficiency. If you want to improve your energy efficiency score you’ll need to make drastic changes to the building such as installing double glazed windows, fitting insulation or following the certificate’s individual recommendations.


It’s really important to show off your home in its best light – and you can’t do that if there’s an old TV and ironing board in the spare room, or with your child’s toys all over the floor of their bedroom. Get rid of anything which you don’t need, or which is taking up space needlessly. That doesn’t mean shove it in a cupboard – serious buyers are going to want to take a look at your storage space, so even wardrobes and other storage spaces should be tidy and organised to show its potential. If you’re having trouble stacking everything to look presentable, hire a storage unit until you sell the house.

Good luck!