With a new season comes an abundance of natural inspiration for interior design and home improvements. Getting your home ready for autumn and winter is as essential as spring cleaning – an annual tradition. As the nights get longer and the weather gets colder, you’ll be spending more time indoors so it’s crucial that your home is warm and cosy. The seasons ahead also call for lots of celebrations and entertaining, including Bonfire Night and Christmas, so you want the house to look its best for upcoming guests.

It’s time to undertake those projects you were putting off all summer – here are some popular home upgrades for the autumn and winter.


The current trend for upcycling means there is no need to spend a fortune replacing furniture every season – you can simply upgrade it yourself with a bit of DIY creativity! Chalk paint and handles for drawers and doors are easy to get hold of, and an upcycled piece of furniture can really transform a room. Refresh your interiors by reupholstering the kitchen chairs or painting the bedside tables.

Double glazing

To avoid sky high energy bills this winter, upgrade your windows to an energy efficient double glazed design. The majority of heat which leaves the house escapes through windows and doors, so without modern double glazed windows you could be wasting a lot of energy keeping the building warm. Improve the efficiency of the home and save on your annual bills by installing double glazing.

Replace front door

It’s not just the inside of the home you should think about upgrading before winter sets in. The exterior of the house gets battered by adverse weather throughout winter, so it’s important to make sure it’s well prepared. If your front door looks a bit old and weathered, replace it with a state of the art door which is weather resistant and instantly boosts kerb appeal. Getting a door replaced is quick with minimal disruption, making a new front door the ideal home improvement.

Install a LivinRoof

If you have a conservatory, you probably love it during the summer but don’t use it as often in the winter. Traditionally, conservatories can get quite chilly which means they’re out of action at some of the more important times of the year when you require more space. Thanks to the advancement of the new LivinRoof, all that has changed. It can be installed onto existing conservatories, improving the insulation while not compromising the natural light from above. This upgrade can give you a whole new room for the autumn and winter months.

Don’t leave it too late to upgrade your home before winter – get in touch with Salisbury Glass today.