Seamless glazing is not a new feature but the modern twist it provides is unrivalled. Sometimes called frameless glazing or glass, this technique involves sheets of super-strong tempered glass that are not placed into a traditional window frame but are held in place invisibly. It is much more stylish, but also has a lot of other advantages and can be used in both the home and office to wonderful effect.


1. The strong nature of tempered glass makes it ideal for bathroom uses. Seamless shower surrounds look incredible and give a nod to the ever popular minimalist interiors trend.

2. Dividing walls for offices can be built with seamless glass. As well as maintaining the illusion of an open space, seamless glass means no natural light is blocked, helping to keep the work area bright, airy and ultra-modern.

3. Safety barriers are another application, with the toughened nature of seamless glazing making it a suitable choice for safety rails on stairs or at heights.

4. Internal doors in offices can be given a modern twist with seamless glazing.

5. Gardens are a surprising area of application but, seamless glazing makes for incredibly effective pool and patio surrounds.

6. Use seamless glass products for external rear doors to create uninterrupted views from the indoors, out.


The real advantage of this product is its sleek and stylish nature. It can be used to give any space an injection of seamless style with clean lines and an instantly modern twist that is unrivalled by other glazing solutions.

Glass is light’s best friend and whether you use an expanse of frameless glass in your home or office you’ll see natural light flooding in. Frames can limit the amount of light in a space and solid dividing walls stop it altogether so a seamless solution that lets light flow through its entire design is a smart way to create bright, welcoming spaces.

The totally transparent, uninterrupted pane can be used to give synergy to outdoor and indoor spaces. This visual flow creates a seamless transition between the home and garden or office and cityscape – perfect if you have a striking view to gaze upon.

Seamless glass can also be customized – add your company logo for a statement wall, window or door.

These are just some of the many applications and advantages for frameless glass. At Salisbury Glass we use CAD to design seamless glazing solutions. This means that unlike standard window and door fittings, seamless glazing can be tailored to your exact needs.

Will you consider using seamless glass as a design feature in your home or at your office? Let us know in the comments and on our social media sites.