As the saying goes, as one door closes another one opens… but what style is the new door leading to fresh opportunities for your family?!

A front door is integral to the home, as it creates a first impression from the outside and gives a notion of what lies inside. A beautiful upgraded front door can completely transform the exterior of a house, and it’s not just about the style – a door is responsible for security and energy efficiency too.

Today it’s possible to achieve all three fundamentals in Salisbury’s huge range of front doors. Each door can be customised to suit the homeowner’s style, while offering premium security and options to increase thermal efficiency. If you want a stunning grand entrance to your property, take a look at our door inspo below.

Composite Door

If you desire a traditional design with the added benefits of modern features, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the practical yet beautiful composite door. There are so many customisation options to choose from, including colours, styles and glazing options to allow you to create your perfect door.

Composite doors have the distinctive look of a timber door but are manufactured from a range of materials. They offer supreme insulation, weather resistant properties and multi-point locking to provide maximum security. A composite door is extremely versatile and suits both traditional and modern buildings.

Bi-folding Doors

The current trend for open plan spaces in contemporary living has caused a rise in the popularity of the bi-folding door. Designed to individual requirements, we supply bi-folding doors and sliding doors with multi-panes to allow as much light as you need to filter through. Although these are often a choice for the back door, connecting the kitchen with the garden, smaller versions can also be used as a front door for modern properties. They are manufactured from aluminium, which is a sustainable material with longevity.

uPVC Doors

PVC-U front doors are a practical choice, and the first point of call for many homeowners and housebuilders. Made from a high performance material, these doors list noise reduction and thermal properties among their array of benefits. There are many styles and designs to choose from, and they are also regarded as one of the safest and secure doors to install at the front of your home.

A front door says a lot about who lives behind it. If you’re planning on upgrading yours before the winter arrives, get in touch today.