Research from Home Security Store reveals that 34% of burglaries occur through the front door, which is often pushed or kicked open. Back doors are also an easy entry point, as well as windows. Of course locking your door can stop intruders in their tracks, but if a door is weak and easily kicked open, it is a useless defence.

With this in mind, how secure is your front door? If it is made of wood then it is likely to be an easy target. PVC doors offer more protection, but not from clever criminals who can pick locks. However if security was our only concern about our front door, we’d probably all have heavy steel doors with bars. This of course would look very unattractive and uninviting – which is why homeowners need multifunctional doors which are also pleasing to the eye.

A well designed front door is manufactured to the highest standards, offers premium protection and high security features and provides an inviting entrance to your home. It is designed to welcome friends but deter criminals at the same time. Here is an example of some security features you can install:

  • Electronic locking – entry is only gained through a pin number or key fob
  • Anti-bump cylinders – can prevent people from picking the lock
  • Anti-snap cylinders – these reinforced cylinders can stop people gaining unauthorised entry

So if you’re looking for a new front door which has kerb appeal and creates a good impression of your house, but also protects your family and your belongings, what are the options?

Composite Doors

composite door offers the best of the both worlds – it’s a strong, enforced door which is manufactured from a range of materials but gives the effect of a traditional timber door. In addition to top marks for security, many composite doors also improve insulation and can be customised in a number of colours and glazing options.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is a fantastic material as it is durable, lightweight and recyclable making it an environmentally conscious choice. There is so much choice with aluminium doors, and for your front or back door you can have a single door, double French doors or bi-folding doors. They are great for letting in more light as the frames can be ultra-slim, and they also offer premium insulation.

PVC-U Doors

This style is a top choice for security conscious homeowners, with a focus on durability and protective features. All PVC-U doors from Salisbury Glass come with a multipoint locking system which has been independently tested. In addition to peace of mind, these doors offer noise reduction and thermal protection too.

If you’d like more advice about choosing a new front door, please get in touch with our experts.