A conservatory is one of the most effective home improvements you can invest in. It adds extra space without too much building work, and can drastically improve the kitchen dining area as well as the garden. A beautiful conservatory can transform your home, whether it is the traditional style or a modern conservatory design. However, conventional conservatories can have some issues, especially how they deal with different weather conditions – in the summer the sun can make the room too hot, and in winter it is often too cold to be able to use the conservatory at all.

Over the years, conservatories have evolved and homeowners now have access to energy efficient, thermally sound, stylish constructions. In fact, thanks to technological breakthroughs, a conservatory can now be viewed as an extension as it is an effective, comfortable room all year round.

The best conservatory roof – LivinRoof

One of the latest advancements in conservatory design is the LivinRoof. It drastically improves insulation, and can be implemented into new designs or established conservatories. Rather than having the entire roof made of glass panels, this roof scheme uses aluminium panels on the outside and insulated panels internally. Homeowners can choose how many glass panels they want adding into the roof, to maximise the amount of light coming into the room.

The LivinRoof is strong and robust, offering a high quality solution which makes the conservatory a more practical space. With a more solid roof, the conservatory is transformed into an extension – it’s a functional room which can successfully regulate temperatures and be used in all seasons.

Additionally, the conservatory can be further upgraded into a contemporary space through the installation of spotlights or speakers in the ceiling. The LivinRoof comes with LivinRoom perimeter ceiling as standard, which offers a vaulted ceiling. This allows homeowners to install spotlights or other electrics in the ceiling with a seamless finish.

With over 1.5 million installations, the LivinRoof is the easiest way to upgrade your conservatory and give it the look and feel of an extension. It adds warmth and practicality, as well as giving a conservatory a stylish atmosphere. The only reason for choosing an extension over a LivinRoof conservatory is if you’re extending over two or more storeys – otherwise a modern conservatory can be just as effective.

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