Home improvements during winter are often practical projects to improve the energy efficiency of the building or weatherproofing. However, in addition to installing double glazed windows and thermally efficient doors, there are lots of small touches which can ensure your home stays warm, cosy and inviting this winter.

Don’t let the freezing temperatures put you off your home improvement goals! Take a look at our inspirational projects to see how you could boost your home’s appeal over the next few months.

Floor upgrade

Imagine how amazing a plush new carpet would feel under your feet? This is the perfect time of year to update the flooring in the rooms that need it. Whether a hardwood floor needs polishing, a carpet needs replacing or you need a new rug, you’ll feel the most benefit from it in winter.

Animal instincts

There is a current trend for all things natural in our home décor, and many interior designers are inspired by wildlife. At this time of year think arctic animals – stags, moose, snow owls for example. You don’t need to find an ornament which depicts the whole animal, although you should be able to find these in many home decoration stores. Think about taking elements from nature and using them in your interior design, such as stag antlers or a faux fur throw.

Lots of light

We’re lucky to get seven hours of daylight around this time of year, so our homes are often dark. Make the effort to add extra lighting and make the most of the natural daylight. Lamps and wall lights create a pleasant ambience, and try adding mirrors near windows and candles to reflect light around the room.

Winter blooms

Fresh flowers can make an impact all year round, not just in the summer. Winter blooms include peace lily, hibiscus and anemone. Of course you should put Christmas favourites in a vase too – pussy willow and a poinsettia.

Smart meter

There’s no point making your house look beautiful if it isn’t warm and comfortable to spend time in. Install a smart thermostat which gives you total control over your household heating. Not only can you see how much energy you are using, but you can control the thermostat remotely from your smartphone. Turn on the heating as you’re on your way home and the house will be warm as you enter. No more waiting for the whole house to heat up!

Is your home ready for winter?