You’ll be surprised just how dirty widows can get – both inside and outside. On bright sunny days you might notice the stains and marks on window panes which weren’t visible before. That’s why summer is the best time to show your glass some love and make sure your windows are sparkling. We don’t want them to just be clean – they need to gleam!

It’s a good idea to clean all of your home’s windows at the same time, as you’ll have the cleaning solution and tools ready to go. It’s especially important to keep the conservatory windows clean, so nothing spoils your view of the garden. Of course, if you have a weekly window cleaner then you may only need to focus on the interior window but the process is the same.

Here are a few pro tips for making your windows sparkle.

Essential kit list

Before you start the big task, make sure you have everything you need:

A bucket filled with soapy water

Window cleaning solution or vinegar

A sponge

A squeegee

A microfibre cloth

Top Tip

Try not to clean windows on a sunny day. The direct sunlight will dry the windows too fast, leaving behind pesky streaks. It’s always best to tackle this job on a cloudy, dry day.

Clean the frames first

We know it’s tempting to get straight onto the dirty glass, but you should always start with the frames. Whether you have PVCu double glazed windows or aluminium frames, windowsills and frames can harbour dust. Place the sponge in the soapy water and clean the perimeter of the window. Then move onto the glass, making sure the cloth or sponge gets replaced when filthy.

Remove remaining water

Now you need to take care to remove the water, with a squeegee and then the microfibre cloth. Make sure the glass is dry or you could leave noticeable streaks. If you want to shorten the task then you can just use a glass cleaning solution and spray it onto the windows, or a homemade solution of vinegar, rather than washing the windows with soapy water.

Tools for high windows

When cleaning the conservatory, you probably won’t be able to reach some parts of the roof and windows. Look for cleaning tools with retractable handles so you can clean those hard-to-reach places. When washing the exterior of the conservatory it might be easier to use a hose.

Improve the view from your windows simply by cleaning them!