Spring has finally sprung, and with the new season comes the tradition of deep cleaning the home ready for new beginnings. Spring cleaning is a time to get everything in prime condition, including the inside and outside of your windows and conservatory. Windows are an important part of your home, keeping it warm and secure, but they are one of the hardest bits to clean! After the harsh weather of winter, it’s time to show them some tender love and care.

Getting glass sparkling clean isn’t an easy job, and the height of windows and conservatories offers an extra challenge. Follow our simple step by step guide for spring cleaning your windows and conservatory, and they will look at their best ready for the busy seasons of spring and summer.

Cleaning Windows

We’re often asked what is the best cleaning solution to use on glass, and the truth is this isn’t the most important part of the cleaning process. You can choose to use a ready-made glass cleaner, or you can actually make your own at home with two table spoons of vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

You can use the same process to clean the interior and exterior of the window, but remember that on the outside there may be a big more dirt and salt to scrub off. To thoroughly wash your windows, you will need a sponge, a bucket filled with warm water and vinegar/glass cleaning solution, a dry microfiber cloth and a squeegee.

The first step is to remove dust from the window pane and window sill with a dry cloth. Then, wet the sponge and wash the window thoroughly – don’t be shy with the water! It’s important to remove excess water with a squeegee. Finally, for an extra shine and to ensure there are no streaks, you can buff the glass with a piece of newspaper.

Cleaning Conservatories

Tackling the conservatory or orangery can take an entire day, so make sure you’re well prepared for a cleaning blitz. It’s a good idea to clean the outside of the conservatory first, so when you get to the interior you’ll have a lovely clear view and know the stains aren’t on the exterior of the glass.

Firstly, when cleaning the outside of the conservatory start with the frames. Use your sponge and bucket with warm soapy water to remove dirt and grime which has accumulated. To clean the glass, use the same method as cleaning the windows – however you may need a telescopic brush and window wiper.

To clean the inside just follow the same window cleaning method, making sure to remove blinds, curtains and furniture.

The last step is to sit down and admire your work!