Looking after your windows and doors

To ensure you get the best from your windows and doors they do require a small amount of maintenance to be carried out at least once every six months, this is very simple to do and takes very little time to carry out but this will greatly increase the life span and performance of your windows.

There is a comprehensive guide to cleaning and maintenance which is left with every customer on completion of the installation and it is also available in our downloads section. Some of the basic advice is listed below and should you have any issues that you cannot deal with we have two full time engineers who can carry out this maintenance for you at a reasonable cost.


Lubrication is required on all of the moving parts on your windows and doors and we would advise carrying this out a minimum of every six months, lubricate the moving parts of the window, door locks and hinges using a light oil such as 3 in 1, WD40 or similar and once the oil has been applied operate the mechanism repeatedly to allow the oil to penetrate properly and then wipe away any excess oil with a clean cloth.

After periods of heavy rain door lock barrels can sometimes start to become stiff when you try and insert the key to unlock the door, if this starts to happen spray a small amount of oil into the barrel and insert and remove the key several times to ensure the oil is carried into the lock, this will free up the barrel and prevent it from sticking, wipe away excess oil from the barrel and the key.


All our products can be cleaned with mild soapy water or glass cleaner and we would advise this is carried out at least twice a year, do not use any abrasive cleaners on our windows and doors and if you have some marks you cannot remove with soapy water contact us for advice before trying anything else as use of the wrong cleaner could permanently damage the window or door.

Conservatory self cleaning roof glass will only clean itself during rainfall and during periods of no or light rain if you wish to clean the glass you can spray the roof with a hose pipe or use soapy water, it can be irrevocably damaged if the incorrect cleaner is used and you must not use any cleaner that contains any silicone as this will permanently prevent the self cleaning properties form working, please contact us if you have any concerns of this.

Do not walk on the conservatory roofs without adequate supports, it is preferable to use extended cleaning poles so this can be done safely from the ground.


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