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Which Windows Work Best For Your Home?

Choosing and fitting new windows for your home isn’t always as easy as it seems! With so many designs to choose from, and various materials and glazing options, homeowners can easily get lost without the right guidance. Of course, the most important thing is to choose an energy efficient window which suits the style of your property. Read on for our expert’s tips in choosing the right windows for your home.

Period property or cottage

Usually, we would always recommend fitting modern double glazed windows and these are the most eco-friendly option and will keep buildings as warm as possible. However, if you live in a traditional style building such as a cottage or period property, then it will have been built for sash windows or bay windows. If you want to keep the exterior appeal, then we suggest staying with that style of window, but giving it a refresh. Timber windows are quite old fashioned and don’t offer the same thermal properties as other materials such as PVC-u. However, we offer the best of both worlds with a composite material for the frame. The timber and aluminium composite window is more sustainable and lasts longer, while still offering the traditional look.Image of Period Windows

Terraced or new build house

If you live in a more contemporary home, then you will probably have more choice when it comes to replacing your windows. Always check the window energy rating and choose the most energy efficient option when it comes to glazing. You’ll also be able to choose other features such as how the windows open, and the best material for the frame.Modern Windows

The size of the window is irrelevant as the windows will be measured and made especially for your home. With double glazed window you’ll be able to opt for the common opening or tilt and turn designs. The most important decision is what the windows are made of – PVC-u, aluminium or a composite material. They are all fantastic value for money, energy efficient and offer supreme longevity, so this could be a stylistic choice. Here are the main differences:

PVC-u – affordable, easy to maintain, classic look

Aluminium – contemporary appeal, recyclable material, resilient, thin but strong frames

Composite – eco-friendly, best of both timber and aluminium materials, traditional aesthetic

If you’re still not sure which windows will work best in your home, have a chat with our friendly team who can offer obligation free advice.