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Ways Double Glazing Can Save You Money

A lot of homeowners have experienced the multitude of benefits provided by double glazed windows, yet some still aren’t convinced about the savings that can be made. Replacing old windows is a big investment, but compared to the amount you can save on your energy bills for years to come, it is arguably worth the upfront cost.

Single glazed windows are not well insulated and are therefore bad at keeping the heat in. When heat escapes the home, a large part of it leaks through the windows which is why this is an area for concern. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside is much easier when there are two panels of glass rather than one.

Double glazing works in a number of ways in order to create cash savings for homeowners. Reducing drafts and keeping heat locked in the property is just one of the cost-related benefits of upgrading to double glazed windows. Here are three ways spending on double glazing can save you money long term.

Improves energy efficiency

The primary advantage of double glazing is the way in which it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature and therefore improves energy efficiency. The home will feel naturally warmer, meaning you won’t have to have the heating on as high or as often, resulting in real savings. With the price of gas constantly rising, homeowners should be thinking about insulation methods and double glazing is one of the most effective. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a single glazed detached house could save up to £160 a year on energy bills by installing double glazed ‘A’ rated windows.

Reduces damp

When it’s colder outside than it is inside, many windows can form condensation on the interior of the building. Condensation can be a huge problem as it can lead to damp, which causes lasting damage to the building. Having two panes in a window instead of one can reduce condensation which therefore reduces the chance of damp developing - which is always a costly problem to have as a homeowner. You shouldn’t have to worry about spending money on measures to tackle damp with double glazed windows.

Increases security

You may be thinking how does a more secure window affect my savings – but consider the cost of a break-in and then it’s perfectly clear. Double glazed windows are much more difficult to smash than single panes, putting off potential intruders. By investing in home security, you can hopefully reduce the chances of being targeted by burglars and the costs associated with the robbery.

If you’re ready to save some money and reap the benefits of double glazing, view our range and call us to arrange a quote.