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The Importance Of Your Windows’ Energy Rating

When choosing new windows, it’s important to make a decision which considers energy efficiency. A lot of heat in the home can escape through a window, so choosing a style with a good energy rating will make sure your house is energy efficient and cut your fuel bills. Understanding your windows’ energy rating is important for making an educated choice about the best windows for your home.

Energy efficient glazing works in a variety of ways. Because windows come in such a huge range of frame materials and glazing options, windows are measured on their performance in the following:

  • How much sunlight can travel through the glass
  • How much heat can be retained
  • How little air can leak in through the perimeter of the window

The BFRC energy rating is important because it takes into account all of these aspects – not just how thick the glass is or how many panes the window has. Sometimes, a triple glazed window or a window which you would presume has the most energy saving properties doesn’t score as high when all the factors are involved.

Image of Window

BFRC Rating

Many home appliances now carry a rainbow sticker which shows it has been tested and rated for energy efficiency. Now, windows are assessed and given a grade from A++ -G just like washing machines and fridge freezers.

BFRC stands for British Fenestration Rating Council, and it is the UK authority for independent ratings of energy efficient windows and doors. It assesses each window – the frame and the glass together – to establish how efficient it is at keeping in warmth.

Image of Open Window

U Values

Companies may also boast about the specific U value of their windows. This applies to the glass alone, measuring how easy it is for heat to pass through. However, a U value doesn’t give the whole picture, which is why it is more important to check out the BRCF energy rating.  There is actually no direct correlation between a window’s U value and its official energy rating, because air leakage and solar gain needs to be measured too.

When replacing windows, always look for an energy rating of C or above to keep your home as insulated as possible. If you have any questions, ask the glass experts here at Salisbury Glass and they will be happy to help.