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Keeping The Conservatory Warm In Winter

With plunging temperatures and the season’s first snowfall, winter is definitely on our doorstep. It’s the time of year for snuggling by the fire and entertaining family and friends over the festive holidays. But if your home doesn’t feel warm and cosy, the colder weather can really dampen your spirits.

If you have a conservatory extension, you may abandon the extra space at this time of year because heat can escape quickly. However, just because winter is here doesn’t mean you should forget about your conservatory until next summer. It’s a wonderful place to host a festive party or relax in the winter sun and look for robins in the garden - and there are plenty of ways to keep it warm and comfortable. Take a look at our tips below for making sure the conservatory stays toasty when it’s cold outside.

Roof insulation

One of the reasons why conservatories in the UK are known for becoming cold is a lack of insulation. Most models have minimal brickwork and are built mainly with glass, including the roof. The majority of heat gets lost through the roof because there is no insulation. The LivinRoof product, which can be added to any standard conservatory windows, is a thermally efficient roof which provides a warm room. The high insulation design makes a significant difference to the indoor temperature of the conservatory, and can transform your living space.

Warm floor covering

Tiles or hard flooring are a practical option for conservatories, however they don’t provide warmth in the winter. The floor of a conservatory is the main culprit for cold draughts and heat loss, so investing in a warm floor covering is essential. Carpet the conservatory with a thick underlay or buy a large heavy rug which covers the majority of the floor.

Blinds and curtains

Not only can blinds and curtains trap in the heat, they make a conservatory look more homely and welcoming. Large drapes are effective at forming a barrier to retain heat and stop the cold air from spoiling your fun.

Electric radiators

When it gets really cold in the evenings, you may wish to add a source of heat to your conservatory. It is often too expensive and disruptive to add the conservatory to your main heating system, but if you have a plug socket then you can install an electric radiator. These can help maintain comfortable temperatures, and some are specially designed for conservatories.

Retaining heat and blocking out the cold air is the key to efficiently warming your conservatory this winter.