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How To Lower Your Energy Bills

The big freeze is still here, with icy conditions and wintry showers causing mayhem across the UK. When it’s so chilly outside, you want to make sure your home is comfortable and warm for your family and guests. But do you worry about the day when the gas and electric bill comes through the post? Energy prices are expected to rise in 2017, so if you want to keep energy bills down you may need to take action.

Homeowners can cut their energy bills in a number of ways – some are long term home improvement investments while others are small, inexpensive alterations. If you’re serious about reducing your bills, here are some top tips.

Big jobs

Making big changes to your home can reduce your bills dramatically, forever.

Replace your boiler

Did you know that an old, inefficient boiler could be using up too much energy? You’ll have to be prepared to spend quite a bit if you go down this route, as a new boiler can cost in the thousands. However, according to This is Money, replacing your boiler could cut bills by £240 a year.

Get insulation

You can instantly make your house more energy efficient by having loft and wall insulation fitted. This helps trap the warm air in, so you won’t have to have your central heating on for as long. If you’re on any type of benefits or the state pension, have a look if you’re entitled to government grants or other insulation schemes.

Install double glazing

Windows are a main source of heat leakage, so having the most updated energy efficient windows can play a huge part in lowering those soaring bills. Double glazed windows can stop draughts and stop warm air escaping, as well as minimising outside noise.

Small jobs

There are things you can do yourself around the home which can also led to a substantial decrease in your gas and electricity bills.

Turn it down

Why not put on an extra jumper and turn the heating down? According to the Energy Saving Trust, reducing the temperature by just 1C can cut heating bills by 10%.

Shop around

In today’s world, loyalty gets you nowhere – so each year shop around to see if you’re on the cheapest tariff. Sometimes your own energy company has a cheaper tariff you could switch to, or if another provider is undercutting them, then make the switch. This will save you money without having to change your energy usage.

Take showers

As lovely as a hot bath is, try and take more showers instead. Bathtubs use a lot of hot water and therefore require a lot of energy to heat it. If everyone in the house had a quick shower instead, you could slash bills.

Follow these steps this winter and you should see a difference in your bills.