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Home Maintenance Checklist

When (and if!) the horrible wet winter weather comes to an end it’s always a good idea to give your home a “health check” to ensure maintenance is up-to-date.

Newer homes will typically need less maintenance due to improvements in build quality and energy efficiency, but whether your home is old or new it is advisable to carry out a review to keep everything in order and protect it as an investment.

Outside your home

The roof is a good place to start and work your way down. Check your roof from the outside to see if any tiles are cracked or have slipped – if you need any further advice then contact a professional roofer.

Ensure your soffits and fascias are maintained properly – any wear and tear could allow dampness to form causing timber decay and structural damage. Also check for damage to your guttering as well and clear away blockages that may have accumulated.

Another important feature to preserve is any woodwork your property may have – timber doors and windows need repainting every few years which is crucial to preventing any weather damage.

Inside your home

When the weather gets warmer, adjust your central heating to a more suitable setting for the season or switch off completely to save energy. It’s also a good idea to evaluate how energy your windows are - energy efficient windows help to contain heat and use natural “free” energy to light and heat your home. For further information or to see our selection of energy efficient windows click here.

As well as wasting vast amounts of water, internal damage can be caused by dripping pipes and taps. It may turn out to be a simple repair but check your system thoroughly and if you’re still unsure contact a qualified plumber.

It is also important to check the locks on all doors and windows to ensure they are all working as they should be.

Carrying out regular maintenance will help keep your home in good condition, more energy efficient and the benefits will be seen year after year.