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From Pennies To Pounds, 7 Top Tips For Energy Saving

Keeping warm in the winter and conserving energy is a hot topic. The big energy companies and the UK government are in knots trying to sort out the pricing crisis and it seems that consumers are the ones losing out. To avoid getting an unwelcome Christmas gift of a massive energy bill, energy saving this festive season is a must.

If you’re having trouble paying your bills it’s worth getting advice as you may be entitled to additional support. There are also things you can do yourself at home to save on energy and cut those bills by a little, or a lot.


1. Save £50 a year by draught excluding

Unless you’re home is new, or you’ve had replacement doors and windows fitted, you’re probably losing heat through small gaps around your house. From placing a sausage dog by the front door, to sealing your skirting boards, have a look around for possible culprits and get them covered.

2. Save £60 a year by turning down 1º

Keeping your thermostat on a consistently lower heat (and sometimes just by 1ºC lower) can reduce your bills more effectively than turning it on and off throughout the day. Donning your Christmas jumper and woolly socks means you won’t be tempted to turn it back up.

3. Save £50 - £90 a year by turning off at the wall

Appliances left on stand-by are costing you money. Most systems these days can be turned off at the wall without changing their settings (to avoid scrabbling around behind the TV, have a look around for remote switches to turn off all your plugs in one go).


4.  Save £140 a year with wall insulation

Homes built after 1920 often have space between the inner and outer walls. Cavity wall insulation does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s not the cheapest option (at around £500 for the average installation) but it’s a measure that will pay for itself in the long run.

5. Save £170 a year with double-glazed windows

Replacing all single-glazed windows with B-rated double-glazing will keep your house warmer and cut those energy bills. Have a look at our energy-rated windows for ideas on how to save extra cash by updating.

6. Save £180 a year with loft insulation

10 inches of loft insulation is the recommended level to get real value for money, so have a check to see what you’ve got up there.


7. Save £300 with a new boiler

55% of what you spend on energy is affected by how economical your boiler is. The lower the rating (A is the most energy efficient and G is the lowest), the less efficient it is so having a new one could save you money, in time for next Christmas! Check your boiler’s energy rating.

For more information:

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