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4 Benefits Of Composite Doors

A front door says a lot about a house, and beautiful composite doors are becoming big market players. With a huge variety of designs to choose from, a composite door is modern and visually appealing while also offering the most stringent security features. As they look great on the inside and outside and constantly perform well for years to come, it’s no wonder that composite doors are proving extremely popular to homeowners and building contractors alike.

Not sure what makes composite doors stand out from the rest? Here are the top four advantages of this door style.

1) All the best features

A composite door is basically all of the best features rolled into one. From the outside it can look like a traditional timber door and have an old-fashioned feel, yet it is manufactured from more resilient materials and is harder to break into. Timber doors look great when first fitted, but they come with a range of problems including shrinking and swelling and the need for maintenance. With a composite door, you can have the effect of a beautiful timber door with less of the hassle. You can event paint it if you like, just as you would a wooden door.

2) Premium insulation

One of the major benefits of this type of door is the insulation it offers. Much of the heat from our homes escape through doors, so a well-insulated door is essential for lowering energy bills. The materials used in manufacturing include high density foam insulation and any glass in the design is double glazed.

3) High security

The main purpose of a front or back door is to provide security, and to stop malicious persons gaining entry into the home. Some doors can look impressive, but wouldn’t hold up against an experienced criminal attempting to break in. As standard, most composite doors have multi-point locking systems in place, and are much more robust than many other styles on the market.

4) Weather resistant

Composite doors have been built to last, which means they are designed to be totally weather resistant. The exterior of doors in the UK need to be able to deal with a wide range of weather conditions, many of which could threaten to age or damage most types of doors. A composite door can withstand storms, icy temperatures, wet weather and UV rays so you won’t need to be replacing it every few years due to weather damage.

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